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Tips for picking a baby name

One of the hardest tasks of pregnancy is picking the baby’s name. Sure, there is the actual pregnancy, the pregnancy hormones, the weight gain, cravings, etc. But all of that ends after the 9 months of pregnancy, or usually after. However, the most important question at this time is what to name the baby, after all the name will be the baby’s identity for all his/her life. So, no pressure!

Here are some tips to help you select a perfect name for your baby:

Wait until the baby is born. Most people pick a name for their baby midway through their pregnancy, whereas some may even start thinking about names in the beginning stages of the pregnancy, or even when they first start thinking having a baby. However, it may be best to wait until the baby is born so that you may be able to select a name that suits your child.

Ask advice, but only from the ones you trust and respect. Share your name ideas with your closest family and friends in addition to your significant other. These people know you and will be able to provide honest advice, such as telling you that a name sucks or that another will be more appropriate.

Compromise. It always happens, the mother likes one name, while the father likes another, and neither will budge. So instead of fighting over it, you can compromise. Use one name as the first name, while the other as a second name; or come up with a new name altogether that is a combination of the two names. Or, come up with a third name that is liked by both. Worst case scenario, pull the “I'm the one pushing him/her out, I get to name him card.”

Let tradition win out. There are so many names available today it is difficult to pick one. Then it is made difficult by the fact that new names are invented every day. So instead of being overwhelmed by all these names, let tradition win out. Name the baby after a favorite relative or a grandparent. Or use the last name to honor a whole part of the family. You can also modernize the name so that it does not feel so dated.

Make use of the middle name. If you love more than one name, and just can’t decide between them, then don’t. Use one of them as a middle name or a second name instead. In fact, a child can have even more than one middle name, so you just may not have to shortlist your name list after all.

Try the name out. Before finalizing a name, test it out. Use it to refer to the baby, while it is in the womb, so that you can get a feel of it. If it is too difficult to say on a daily basis, you might want to reconsider.

Check other people’s reactions. Often parents pick out a name they like, but down the line find out that other people don’t get it or like it, or that the child is being mocked in school for his name. Ask other people for their honest advice; ask your nieces, nephews, You’ll be surprised how children see things differently than you. If they don’t like the name, chances are your child might neither. Another way to test drive the name is to use it as your, try introducing yourself to a stranger with that name, gauge their reaction; or give it as your name in a café, see other people’s reaction to your name being called out.

Write them down. Try writing the name down on a piece of paper; see how it looks written down. Is it weird looking? Is it too hard to spell? Is it too long? Too short? Does it fit with the last name / surname? You’ll be surprised how the name looks written down? Seeing it in a different perspective might make you fall in love with it even more, or make you hate it completely.

Check the initials. You’ll be surprised how many times it has happened that after finalizing a name, people find out that their names have weird initials. You do not want your child to have to live with that, so ensure that he/or she doesn’t.

Host a naming party. If you have a couple of name that you like, but can’t seen to narrow them down, try hosting a naming party. Invite a group of your closest friends and families and ask for their help/advice/opinion. Still can’t decide, ask them to vote on it.

Host an online poll. It is a known fact that people are mush harsher online than in real life. So if a name gets the internet’s approval, it has basically passed every test possible. So, let the internet do the hard work for you. Host an online poll and let the people decide.

Go with your gut. Perhaps you are just over thinking it. When all else fails, just go with your gut. See which one feels right to you and your significant other. See which one makes you smile when you use it, or when you hear it being used.