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How to pick a name for your baby?

Your baby is the most precious thing in the world for you. So naturally you want to give him or her the best things in the world; including their name. A name is so much more than that, it is an identity, and you have the added responsibility of selecting an identity for your baby over everything else. As if taking care of your child until he or she is able to take of themselves wasn’t hard enough. So, how do you go about selecting a name for you baby?


  1. Firstly, start listing names as soon as possible. Some parents start when they find out they are pregnant, others start when they start thinking about starting a family, then there are some who have some names selected even before they were married. This could be the name of a favorite uncle or a childhood best friend. Whatever the case, it is best to have some names in your mind. You don’t have to finalize the name now, but it is better to have some shortlisted, rather than find out later one that you and your significant other cannot decide on a single name.
  1. Take lots of advice, at least in the beginning. Ask as many people as you know and trust for name suggestion, you never know where and when inspiration will strike. You don’t have to use these names, but it will help you narrow down on the types of names that you like, whether those are old-fashioned, modern, popular, unique, etc.
  1. Decide on the type of name you want. Do you like modern names or old fashioned names? Do you want a popular name for you baby or a unique name? Would you be open to using a family name or naming your child after a favorite aunt, uncle, or a great-great grandparent? Do you want a name that sounds pretty or one with a meaning? This will help you narrow down your list of names from the millions and billions of baby name out there.
  1. Compare lists. Both you and your significant other should make a list of your favorite baby names. Then compare the list with each others. The names that appear on both the lists are obviously contenders.
  1. Sound and compatibility. Make sure that the name you are thinking of sounds well with your last name. In fact, try checking the whole name, first, middle and last all together; say it out loud multiple times, see how it sounds. Try writing it out in various places and in different scenarios, such as invitations, certificates, etc. See how the name looks written down as a whole. Also, if you have other children make sure that the baby’s name matches with the other children. It does not necessarily rhyme, but it must be too different either, lest the child feel like an outsider. Also, you will probably be screaming all the children’s names together for their whole childhood; it will be easier if they roll of the tongue.
  1. Check initials, e-mail addresses, and monograms. Remember to check for any funny or unfortunate initials or monograms that the baby’s full name might make. This will save the child from a lot of teasing at school and on the playground. Also, keep in mind that most companies use the initial of the first name and the whole last name to make an e-mail handle. So, keep an eye out for that as.
  1. Look out for nicknames. You may have selected a perfect and ideal name. You may think that you have checked all the boxes, but don’t forget to look out for fortunate and unfortunate nicknames. Will you be using a nickname to address your baby? If so, does it have a natural sounding nickname? Also, keep an eye out for any unfortunate nicknames and
  1. Imagine your baby as a grownup. While, it might seem dreadful now, do remember that kinds grow up and eventually go out into the professional world. So, try not to pick a name that while it looks adorable on a baby, may look out of place on a grown up adult, especially in the professional world.
  1. Keep it short and simple. There are many fancy names with weird spellings popular these days, and if that is your think its okay, but do keep in mind that if the name is too weird, the baby might have a hard time pronouncing and spelling it and might have to spend the rest of their life correcting people about the proper spelling and pronunciation of their name.
  1. Do what you want. There is no doubt that as soon as people know you are pregnant, you will start receiving baby name suggestions. Your parents, relatives, other children, neighbors, the grocer, and even random people on the street will start suggest you name and giving baby advice. Take all of it into consideration, but eventually do what you want. Select the name you love, because you are the one that will be screaming that name at the top of your lungs, not them. Plus if you don’t love that name, then chances are your child won’t either.
  1. Wait until the baby is born. While this might seem last minute, it might be best to wait until the baby is born. This way you can pick the name that best suits the baby, rather than picking a name does not match or suit your baby at all. Of course, it does not mean that you be unprepared, you should at least have a short list of approved names, that way you can just finalize the name when you see and hold your bundle of joy.