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Does the baby’s name have an impact on his/her personality?d

A name is a person’s identity. It is what we are known as for the rest of out lives. Hence, it is no wonder that parents deliberate so much before picking a name for their beloved baby. Of course, nothing short of perfect would be good enough for their little prince or princess.

However, now parents who are trying to pick a baby’s name may have even more to worry about. A baby’s name might actually have an impact on his/her personality. As if, picking a baby name wasn’t hard enough. Parents now might have to worry about altering the baby’s entire personality.

Research shows that boys who have a gender neutral name or a name that can be perceived as girly are more likely to have more disciplinary problems growing up, than boy with traditionally masculine names. These boys are also more likely to be picked on, harassed, or bullied than other boys. The chances of this happening increase when there is a girl in their class with the same name.

However, the same is not true about girls with gender neutral names, or names that are traditionally considered as masculine. In fact, girls with masculine sounding names are more likely to take up studying mathematics and science, which were and to some extend still are considered to be more suitable for men. Girls with girly names are more likely to study humanities. The main reason behind this is because people would be less likely to expect a girl with a girly name to study masculine subjects such as mathematics and science.

Nevertheless, other studies state that kids having an unusual name may be found to be more intelligent, while being teased may actually lead them to learn impulse control and control over emotions.

On the other hand, a sociologist says that the impact on the kid may not actually be due to the name, but rather the people who chose the name. This is due to the fact that certain names are more likely to be popular within certain social classes and ethnic groups. In fact, a name is more likely to tell you more about the parent of the child rather than the child itself.

Still, the major concern is perceptions. People are bound to make assumptions on the basis of a person’s name. The assumptions can be on the basis of social class, ethnicity, gender, etc. Name that sounded more ethnically neutral were more likely to get callbacks to interviews than applicants with more ethnic names.

Hence, the problem may not lie in the child’s name, but rather in how the baby is perceived to be and treated accordingly. So, while the name might not have an impact on the baby’s personality, how other people treat the baby due to his/her name may have an impact on the baby’s personality.

However, this is more likely to happen when the person know only the name of the child and nothing else. After the person knows something definite about the child other than the name, most of these presumptions are obliterated.