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Are vintage baby names making a comeback?

As it always happens in life, there are times when some things are in trend or styles, while others are to be completely avoided. We always see this in fashion, but many might not realize that if also occurs with practically everything, including baby names.

There are times when some baby names are considered to be popular, while other baby names are considered to be out of style. This happens due to a variety of reasons, the most common of which is that perceptions change; what one generation thinks is old and outdated, the next generation might see it as vintage and retro.

Another reason for a renewed interest could be that a celebrity has recently used the name for their baby, or it is the name of a celebrity. It can also happen when a name is featured as part of a blockbuster film, or in a bestselling novel.

Another reason that people might choose to pick a traditional name is that the new, different and somewhat weird names have become the norm, so what a way to stand out from the norm, to pick traditional names instead.

It actually called the ‘Hundred-Year Return’ where things, not just names, then to make a return after being popular 100 years ago. Think about it, aren’t we right now into things that were popular at the turn of the century (uhum Downton Abbey). This is not a new trend; it can be seen throughout history. We tend to idolize something that happened about a hundred years ago.

There are also many parents who might be worried that a traditional name may be too old-fashioned for them; for them there is a middle ground. Instead of sticking with the old-fashioned name, they can try to put their own spin on it; try shortening it, using a nickname, a variation of it, or modernizing it.

There is also another reason for picking a vintage baby name rather then say weird names or gender neutral names. Research shows that kids with gender neutral names are more likely to be picked on and bullied in school rather than kids with traditional names. However, this could also be true of a weird out-dated name that most kids are not used to having. Research also shows that kids with weird name spellings are likely to be slower to pick up literacy skills than other kinds in their age group.

Also, a traditional vintage name can make a kid sound sophisticated, classy and mature. However, some vintage names might make your child sound like you are calling your grandparent rather than your child.

So, while it is safe to say that vintage names are making a comeback, take care that you don’t pick a name that is too old fashioned, or too weird and modernized. When in doubt about which direction to go to, use your gut and do what feels right. At the end of the day, he/she is your baby and if you and your significant other love the name, then it will be the right name for the baby, no matter what.